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Can Allergies Go Away Over Time?

There is evidence that people can and do outgrow allergies, particularly specific food allergies. However, more commonly adults will develop a new allergy in response to increased exposure to different environmental allergens.

Can Allergies Cause a Fever?

The short answer is — no — allergies do not directly cause a fever. A high temperature is a sign that your body is fighting a bacterial or viral infection. Sometimes allergies can lead to a sinus infection, and a fever is a symptom of a sinus infection, so allergies can indirectly cause a fever.

What Are the Four Types of Allergic Reactions?

When your body is hypersensitive to certain stimuli, its negative response can be classified into four distinct types of allergic reaction: anaphylactic, ​​cytotoxic, immunocomplex, or cell-mediated. Each one is triggered in different ways and can manifest differently in each person.