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Should I See an Allergist or a Pulmonologist for My Asthma?

Breathing issues from asthma can be frustrating, and even worse is not knowing where to get help for asthmatic issues. Both allergists (allergy specialists) and pulmonologists (lung specialists) can help with the diagnosis and treatment of asthma, but there are important differences between these two professionals that can help you decide which will be the most helpful for you.

Summer Allergies

Summertime allergies usually begin in June and go through September, with allergy symptoms peaking in June, July, and August. If you’re experiencing allergy symptoms during the summer months, you can learn more about the causes and potential treatments below.

Allergies in Toddlers: Everything You Need to Know

Since toddlers are often being exposed to new foods and environments, they also are at a higher risk for allergic reaction. If your toddler has experienced symptoms such as consistent sneezing, coughing, and itching eyes or rashed skin, your child may have allergies.