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Can You Be Allergic to Cigarette Smoke?

The irritating chemicals in cigarette smoke cause symptoms similar to allergic rhinitis like coughing, congestion, wheezing, and headaches. People with allergic rhinitis often have intensified allergy symptoms when they come in contact with tobacco smoke.

Can Allergies Go Away Over Time?

There is evidence that people can and do outgrow allergies, particularly specific food allergies. However, more commonly adults will develop a new allergy in response to increased exposure to different environmental allergens.

Can Allergies Cause a Fever?

The short answer is — no — allergies do not directly cause a fever. A high temperature is a sign that your body is fighting a bacterial or viral infection. Sometimes allergies can lead to a sinus infection, and a fever is a symptom of a sinus infection, so allergies can indirectly cause a fever.