Colorado Allergy Testing and Treatment

Allergist DenverIf you’re a Denver resident with an allergy, you know it can turn a perfectly fine day into an uncomfortable one. Often times, people with allergies have underlying nasal issues like a deviated septum or narrowed sinus openings that contribute to their condition. General allergists address allergy problems, but ignore nasal issues when treating patients. Ear, Nose and Throat doctors who are not allergists will treat nasal and sinus issues, but send patients to general allergists to treat their allergies.

In addition to being an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor, Dr. Menachof is a fellow in the Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy. This means he is able to address all the possible causes of your congestion and discomfort. He will treat both your allergies and nasal issues in the order he feels is correct for you and your specific condition. To understand the scope of your allergies, Dr. Menachof will often recommend that you have an allergy test performed by one of the nurses in his office. This test helps our treatment professionals determine what you are allergic to, and the severity level of each of your allergies so we can tailor your allergy treatment to your exact needs. At Advanced ENT Allergy Center in Denver, we have been helping patients all along the Front Range manage their allergies for over a decade. We are the area experts in allergy treatment.