Sinus and Nasal Surgery

nasal and sinus surgery option colorado

Sinus and nasal surgery is performed to enlarge the openings that drain the sinuses, straighten the septum if it is deviated, reduce the amount of extra tissue inside the nose, or remove polyps in order to effectively treat conditions such as nasal congestion, rhinitis, sinusitis, sinus headaches, drainage, snoring, a broken nose, nasal polyps, and others. Each procedure is designed specifically for each patient, depending on the symptoms that are bothering them, what the inside of their looks like, and what kind of quality of life improvement they desire. An otolaryngology specialist in Denver, Dr. Menachof may suggest surgery for patients after other treatments such as medications, nasal sprays and humidifiers have been unsuccessful in relieving symptoms, or for chronic, recurring conditions.

The symptoms of sinus problems can vary widely depending on the type and severity of each patient’s condition, but often significantly affect a patient’s quality of life.

Common symptoms include:

  • Facial pain and pressure
  • Mucous drainage
  • Nasal obstruction
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Congestion
  • Post Nasal Drainage
  • A Persistent Cough
  • Persistent Hoarseness
  • Snoring
  • Fatigue


Dr. Menachof uses minimally invasive techniques when operating, and patients often require no incisions or nasal packing, have no bruising or swelling, and have very little postoperative pain. The surgery can either be done comfortably in the office using a local anesthetic and a small amount of sedation, or can be performed on an outpatient basis in a surgery center using a light general anesthetic.