Nasal Polyp Treatment in Denver

If you have chronic sinusitis, congestion, breathing problems, or loss of sense of smell, you may be suffering from nasal polyps.

These tissue growths are painless and non-cancerous, but they can cause a lot of frustrating issues. Our team of experienced doctors in Denver has helped thousands of patients get rid of their nasal polyps with nasal polyp removal surgery, also called a polypectomy.

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What Are Nasal Polyps?

Nasal polyps are non-cancerous tissue growths that occur inside of the nasal cavity. While they are typically very small, they can obstruct airflow in the nasal passages and lead to congestion, breathing issues, and sinus infections. Rarely, when polyps are untreated, they can grow out of control and cause damage to nearby structures such as your eye or your brain. The most common causes of nasal polyps include allergies, sinusitis, and chronic inflammation. If you experience recurring sinus infections, loss of sense of smell, or a feeling of stuffiness in the nose that won’t go away, you may have nasal polyps.

How Can I Get Rid of Nasal Polyps?

Nasal Polyps DiscomfortBoth medication and nasal polypectomy can be effective nasal polyps treatments. The key is to see a specialist, like an otolaryngologist, to help choose a treatment plan is right for you. We diagnose nasal polyps using an otoscope or nasal endoscopy, determine the size of the polyps via a CT scan or an MRI and identify the cause of the polyps with an allergy test.

Anti-inflammatory medications, such as oral or nasal steroids, can reduce the size of your nasal polyps and help alleviate symptoms. However, if your nasal polyps are large and cannot be treated with these medications, a nasal polyp surgery procedure is recommended.

We often explain to our patients that nasal polyps are like weeds. Medications are like weed killer, and can often control small patches. However, when the weeds grow bigger, it’s best to pull them out completely – a nasal polypectomy is like pulling the weeds out by their roots.

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“Very professional & friendly staff. Never had to wait longer than a few minutes for every appointment. Oh and also my nose & sinuses have never felt better. Can’t recommend them enough! – Andrew G.

How Is a Nasal Polypectomy Performed?

Nasal polyps can grow continuously, and therefore nasal polyp removal surgery is the most effective long-term option. Nasal polyps are benign soft growths, which means a trained surgeon can easily remove them with endoscopic sinus surgery. Your surgeon will use specialized instruments and small endoscopes to see and remove the polyps in order to clear your nasal passages. Nasal polyps don’t have a lot of nerve endings and are often numb, so nearly all patients report that the polyp removal does not hurt.

When polyps aren’t treated, they will continue to grow and can affect your quality of life, causing increased breathing issues and chronic sinus infections. A 2018 review of multiple medical clinical trials revealed that each patient’s quality of life improved significantly following polyp removal surgery. Our team specializes in endoscopic sinus surgery and has performed thousands of successful nasal polyps surgery procedures.

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How Much Does a Nasal
Polyps Surgery Cost?

Nasal polyp surgery cost differs based on your individual insurance policy and coverage. After your initial consultation and diagnosis, we can provide you more detailed information regarding cost.

Nasal Polyp Surgery Recovery

Nasal polyp surgery recovery time is generally quick — most patients return to work and normal activities within two to five days post-surgery. After your nasal polyp removal, you will experience some swelling and tenderness inside of your nose. For the first month following surgery you’ll use a nasal saline rinse to clean your nose, but no other medication is required.

NSA Experts in Denver, CO

As experts in Nasal, Sinus, and Allergy (NSA) care, our team of providers at Advanced ENT & Allergy Center has extensive experience in diagnosing, treating, and performing surgery to remove nasal polyps. We have successfully treated thousands of nasal polyp patients, through both traditional and telehealth appointments, and they are now breathing easier and experiencing freedom from their nasal polyps!