Can I Go to the Doctor During the Stay at Home Order in Denver?

Dr. Shah, MD, is a board-certified EDr. Menan Shahar, Nose and Throat doctor (ENT) who specializes in advanced ENT techniques such as endoscopic sinus and endoscopic ear surgeries. He has served as a member of the Academy’s Medical Device and Diagnostic Committee, and has authored numerous articles on the use of technology to advance patient outcomes in surgery.

Yes, you can still seek medical care during a stay at home order. Travel for health or medical reasons is specifically exempt from this order. If your visit can be postponed safely, we do recommend patients consider the risks of a potential exposure to someone with coronavirus and weigh the urgency of their visit.

What About ENT Offices?

Telemedicine appointment with Dr. Menachof

Because we currently have a stay at home order, we recommend doing an initial ENT visit over telemedicine at this time. The coronavirus is found in high concentrations in the nose, and since this is often where ENTs focus their examinations, ENT offices need to take extra precautions compared to primary care offices, and are likely closed.

As of last week, The Academy of Otolaryngology, the national society of ENTs, is recommending that ENTs hold off on seeing non-urgent patients in person to avoid potentially infecting patients or staff.

This is why our office is now offering telemedical screening visits. We know these are stressful times, and we don’t want any ENT symptoms adding to that stress. We care about both your safety and your current health issues, so we have launched a telemedical program to safely attend to your ENT concerns.

We also know that some patients will need to be seen in person. Our office increased our cleaning schedules to ensure that when patients do come in, they can be seen safely. 

If you have any questions about sheltering in place, seeing a doctor, or your ENT issues, feel free to reach out to our office. Call to schedule your telemedical visit today