COVID-19, Sinus Infections, and Allergies

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If you were infected with COVID-19 months ago, but you’re still experiencing symptoms, you aren’t alone. Though mild cases usually resolve within 1-2 weeks, some bouts of COVID give rise to secondary sinus infections — and potentially even make allergies worse!

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Does COVID-19 Cause Sinus Infections?

In some cases, COVID-19 can cause a sinus infection.

COVID-19 (often called “Coronavirus”) is an upper respiratory illness that affects the entire respiratory tract, including the nasal passageways and the sinuses.

Like many viral respiratory illnesses, COVID-19 causes inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, creating the perfect conditions for lingering bacteria to cause a secondary infection. These infections can impact your sinuses, throat, or lungs.

Though sinus infections can come from COVID, they sometimes appear on their own as well. Get in touch with an ENT specialist to be certain that you’re taking the right treatment approach.

Does COVID-19 Cause Allergies?

Allergies are not a symptom of a COVID infection.

However, many ENT and allergy clinics are seeing an increase in the number of patients who developed persistent allergy- and sinus-related problems for the first time after they were infected with COVID.

Certainly, a handful of factors play a role in this rise — for example, the increase in environmental allergens, recurrent sinusitis, and other autoimmune/inflammatory conditions — but COVID-19 may also play a significant part.

Viruses and Allergies

Viruses like COVID-19 have a long history of acting as stressors that can promote abnormal gene expression and autoimmune dysregulation.

Recent evidence suggests that respiratory viruses can have one of three effects on allergy-related symptoms:

  • Viruses can cause allergy symptoms for the first time
  • Viruses can worsen allergy symptoms that already exist
  • Viruses can protect your body against certain allergy symptoms

The exact outcome will depend on the specific viral strain, your unique immune system, and the environmental conditions. In light of this evidence, the virus behind COVID-19 could bring about allergy-related symptoms, even if you haven’t experienced them before!

Though the recent research provides some insight, more studies are needed to examine exactly how COVID-19 impacts the immune system and respiratory tract.

Symptoms of COVID-19

Symptoms of COVID-19 usually appear within 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. Here are some key symptoms of COVID to keep an eye out for:

Remember: Our list doesn’t include every symptom that’s associated with COVID-19. For more information on the virus, visit the CDC page on COVID.

COVID-19 vs. Allergies

Since many conditions share symptoms with COVID-19, it can be hard to tell what’s truly behind your sinus troubles. If you’re not sure whether you’re experiencing COVID or seasonal allergies, here are some telltale differentiators to look for:

Symptoms COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Allergies
Length of symptoms 7-25 days Several weeks
Fever or chills Common Rare
Shortness of breath Common Rare
Body aches Common Rare
Loss of taste or smell Common Rare
Sneezing Rare Common
Itchy or watery eyes Rare Common

When to See a Doctor

If you suspect that you’re suffering from COVID-19 or allergies, it’s best to meet with an ENT doctor who can diagnose your condition properly. In any case, it’s a good idea to see a doctor if you:

  • Have had symptoms for more than three months
  • Get frequent sinus infections, ear infections, or headaches
  • Have difficulty staying asleep
  • Feel pain in your chest or have trouble breathing
  • Experience a sudden worsening of symptoms

When your symptoms start to interfere with your daily life — sleeping, working, exercising, and relaxing — it’s time to head to the local clinic.

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