Allergy Season Sparks Increase in Allergy Treatment Requests

Dr. Menachof HeadshotDr. Menachof, MD, has specialized in conditions around the head, throat, ear, nose, neck and face for over 20 years, and was the first to bring sublingual allergy drops to Colorado in 2005. He has been recognized as a Fellow by multiple academies, named one of America’s Top Facial Plastic Surgeons continually since 2003 and is featured in multiple national publications.

As the seasons change and new pollens are in the air, allergies tend to flare up and cause distress and inconvenience. Dr. Michael R. Menachof, a Colorado allergy specialist, has noticed an increase in women and men at his practice over the past few months who want to manage or treat their allergies.

“I typically see an increase in patients at this time of year,” says Dr. Menachof. “Plants begin producing pollen. This process happens even earlier if the temperature has fluctuated throughout the winter.”

Women and men come to Dr. Menachof for a variety of reasons. As a Colorado allergy specialist, Dr. Menachof offers multiple types of treatments for allergies, including allergy drops, allergy shots, and medications. Particularly when the seasons change, pollen can spark allergies, leading to discomfort and irritation. Dr. Menachof can help cure or manage these symptoms, depending on what the patient desires.

“Some patients with less severe allergies may only be looking for a way to manage the symptoms, in which case allergy medicines and nasal sprays can help,” explains Dr. Menachof. “But for those who suffer from more severe allergies, other alternatives such as allergy drops or shots can be employed to ease symptoms and provide long-term allergy relief. We can use different types of testing to test for allergies, including skin and blood tests.”

“Allergy shots are a traditional method for treating allergies,” explains Dr. Menachof. “However, not every person with allergies is a good candidate for shots. In such cases, I suggest patients consider allergy drops to reduce symptoms and desensitize them from their allergens.”

Allergy drops, which are placed under the tongue, are similar to shots in the way they deliver slowly increasing amounts of antigens. Known as immunotherapy, this treatment builds the body’s tolerance to allergens. Because some patients cannot tolerate shots, Dr. Menachof uses drops as a safe and effective alternative.

“Allergy drops often prove more advantageous than traditional allergy shots for certain patients,” says Dr. Menachof. “Because drops require fewer clinic visits, they are less expensive and more convenient, as patients can take the drops daily at home. Drops provide an excellent alternative for my allergy patients.”

Dr. Menachof recommends testing for allergies before the spring season as a preventative measure. Today’s advancement of allergy treatments can help either stop symptoms before they occur or alleviate them. Allergy treatment in Colorado makes it possible for patients to enjoy the weather year-round without the uncomfortable symptoms associated with allergies.

“The spring months are so beautiful and refreshing,” says Dr. Menachof. “They are especially enjoyable when patients can focus on being outdoors without having to worry about feeling uncomfortable or sick. With all of our treatment options, there is every reason to get outside and take advantage of the upcoming season.”

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