Sam Fenner’s Testimonial

Procedure: Hearing Aids

What was your health like before coming to our clinic, can you explain your symptoms?
My hearing has been gone for a long time, my family thought I was going senile early and developing dementia, as I did not communicate well and would get frustrated. I realize now that I was not hearing all the words and that was causing friction with my family.

How did that affect your daily life?
I avoided going out to restaurants with friends and family because I could no longer fake that I was getting the conversation and it caused more friction than anything else. Loud environments were impossible for me to hear it as the background noise would drown everyone out. We used to go to concerts but it was just not the same anymore, life had changed and was truthfully, just not good.

Were you able to get any help before coming to our ODAM clinic?
I had no other options but to except this in life as I did not have the money it would take to buy Hearing Aids.

Is there anything you would say to someone out there who is suffering, about coming to our ODAM clinic?
Said with tears in his eyes and lots of emotion.
I think you all are incredible, this was not a game changer for me, it was a life changer. I don’t really think you all know how much you have impacted my life, saved my life really, what’s left. I can hear again, I can enjoy life and family and friends, go out, hear a concert. Dr. Menachof and everyone here is so kind and friendly. I can’t say enough about Kristi. And truly what was most surprising is that you all did what you said, fixed me and never asked for a penny in return. I would hope that others hear about your ODAM and come here for help. Thank you so much.