Kristen Hill’s Testimonial

Procedure: Ear Lobe Repair

Why did you come to our office?
I wanted to join the Air Force. I have a psychology degree and needed to find a way to use that education. The Air Force was always a dream of mine but I wasn’t being considered because of my gauge earrings and a tattoo on my hand. The recruiter told me I would be able to enlist if I could remove/ fix those things. I am here today to take care of my ears.

Did you try and go anywhere else before coming to our office?
I called a plastic surgeons office and they quoted me $2000 dollars to do the procedure. There was no way I could afford that. I also didn’t appreciate the way I was treated and talked to by their staff. I know I’m not their usual patient or a “big money” patient but I’m still a human being. After that, I asked my recruiter if there were any lower cost options and he referred me to Dr. Menachof.

How has your experience at our office been?
It has been great. The people here are all very friendly. Everyone I have met has been so nice and helpful. I can’t believe how fast the procedure was. I am in, out, and on with my life. I wish I would have come here from the beginning. Needless to say, not having to pay is the best part for me and I wouldn’t have been able to do this if it had cost me $2000. I’m excited to enlist and get on with my life. Thank you to Dr. Menachof for doing this.