Nasal Drainage and Post-Nasal Drip

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  • Drainage from your nose can be an incredible nuisance. If it comes out the front, it can cause irritation, cracking and even bleeding of the skin just underneath the nose. Not being able to leave the house without a Kleenex is a common issue.
  • Drainage down the back of the nose can be much more problematic. Post-nasal drainage can be the cause of a chronic sore throat, frequent throat clearing, a hoarse voice, a cough, reflux symptoms, nausea, an upset stomach and a reason for symptoms of asthma.
  • Many of the people we see with the symptoms related to post nasal drainage have had these symptoms for months to years, had multiple doctor visits for this issue,  and tried a variety of medicines without anyone thinking that these could be related to a problem with the nose or sinuses.
  • Treating the nose and sinus issues can sometimes take awhile to see results, but is often the un-thought of source of many of these common problems.
  • Medicines that reduce the drainage, allergy specific treatment and surgery are usually quite effective in getting these issues to resolve.