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With allergy drops, you can live a symptom free lifestyle.

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Allergies impact more than 50 million people in the United States. For many, allergy symptoms are simply an inconvenience – a little sniffling and sneezing and a few extra tissues lying around. But for others, allergies can be debilitating. You can’t work or go outside and constantly feel fatigued and uncomfortable. If this is you, you’ve come to the right place.

With allergy drops, you can get rid of your allergy symptoms with only three drops under your tongue daily.

Most of our allergy patients are choosing allergy drops instead of allergy shots because this treatment is easy and successful. Our patients are proud to say that they are experiencing freedom from their allergy symptoms for the first time in years.

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We Treat These Symptoms

Nasal congestion
Facial pressure
Post-nasal drainage
Itchy eyes or nose
Drippy nose
Sore throat
Hoarse voice
Upset stomach
Itchy throat
Sinus drainage
Facial pressure
Frequent throat clearing
Worsening of asthma
Frequent sinus infections
Ear fullness and pressure

Allergy Drops vs. Allergy Shots

For many years, we treated our patients with allergy shots, like all other allergists in Colorado. That’s because immunotherapy allergy shots were the most effective way to treat allergy symptoms long-term. However, allergy shots require patients to make weekly office visits for 4-5 years. While allergy shots do work, most patients can’t complete the lengthy program.

Allergy drops are just as effective as shots, but with a much higher completion rate. You can take your drops anywhere, anytime, and with the same proven results. Most of our patients are using allergy drops instead of shots, and it’s changed their lives. The drops are sent to patients every three months so the only time required is a once a year visit to make sure the treatment is working correctly. Allergy drops are also:

Safer. Multiple studies estimate an average of 23 near-fatal events and 2 fatal events per year in the US from allergy shots. There have been no near-fatal or fatal reactions reported from drops.
More convenient and easier to do. The drops are done at home 1-2 times/day, with only one yearly office visit.
More likely to give long-term protection from allergies. Most studies show that long-term protection from allergies is related to the length of time you are on immunotherapy. Because of their convenience and ease of use, the likelihood of finishing a 4-year drops program is 2-4 times greater than finishing a 4-year shots program.
Much more effective in very young children. Patients can start drops at age 2, while with shots, you have to wait until the patient is old enough to tolerate a weekly shot.
Protect against other sensitizations and allergies. Because they can be started at an earlier age, allergy drops have a higher potential to decrease the likelihood of new sensitizations and the development of other allergic diseases.
Effective in patients who are unable to do shots because of local or systemic reactions.
Less expensive. Although shots are covered by insurance and drops are not, there are often co-pays and co-insurance related costs associated with a weekly visit. Much more expensive is the time it takes each week to leave work and/or pick up your child from school, drive to the office to get the shot, and then wait the required 30 minutes in the office afterwards.

Treatment Process and Options

Allergy Test

If you're struggling with allergies but aren't sure what is causing your reaction, schedule an appointment for testing. An in-office, hour-long skin test can confirm the severity of your allergies and what you're allergic to.

Environmental Control

Once allergies are confirmed, we help patients find ways to avoid allergens by suggesting changes in diet and lifestyle.


To help reduce symptoms, we can prescribe medications (like antihistamines and nasal steroid sprays) to help reduce allergic inflammation.

Sublingual Allergy Drops

An alternative to allergy shots, allergy drops are an easy and convenient way to get rid of your allergy symptoms. With daily drops under your tongue, your body slowly learns not to react to allergic stimuli.

Choose Advanced ENT & Allergy Center for Your Allergy Drop Treatments

Dr. Menachof was the first to bring allergy drops to Coloradoin 2004.

Successfully treating patients with allergy drops for over a decade

A proven track record of helping patients complete the program and enjoy long-lasting results

Don’t Let Your Symptoms Hold You Back Anymore

At Advanced ENT & Allergy Center, we offer allergy treatments that work – alleviating symptoms bystarting at the source of your allergies. Our effective and convenient allergy drop treatments eliminate weekly trips to the doctor and let you spend time on what’s important.

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