Balloon Sinuplasty & Allergy Drops, Our Specialties


Surgical Treatments for Sinusitis

As a practicing otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat physician) for over 20 years, Dr. Menachof is experienced in all areas of ENT. As one of the first surgeons in the United States trained in endoscopic sinus surgery, he had an immediate interest and quickly developed a following in the treatment of sinus and allergy problems. He has performed over 10,000 sinus surgeries over the course of his career, many of which were revision procedures for patients who had undergone unsuccessful sinus procedures elsewhere.


Proven long lasting results, in-patient procedure.

Not one to “jump on the bandwagon,” Dr. Menachof watched carefully as Balloon Sinuplasty developed over the last eight years from an experimental procedure to one that now has proven, long-lasting results. It was only in the last several years, when seven-year data was finally published showing that the results of Balloon Sinuplasty were as successful as endoscopic sinus surgery, that Dr. Menachof added this procedure as an option to his patients. He has now performed hundreds of these procedures comfortably in the office using a local anesthetic, with a faster recovery, lower risks, and excellent long-term results equal to that of the more traditional surgical procedures.

Most of the patients undergoing revision sinus surgery using the balloon procedure have commented on how much easier and more comfortable they found their balloon procedure to be.

Allergy Drops

As a “nose” expert, Dr. Menachof discovered very early in his career that in order to achieve the best results for his patients’ nasal issues, he had to be able to treat their allergies effectively as well. In the past, nasal issues and allergies were treated separately.

home allergy drops

Nearly 90 percent of his patients complete the program and achieve effective, long-lasting results.

By combining an ENT doctor’s knowledge of the inside of the nose with the allergist’s knowledge of the role allergies may be playing, patients’ issues are now taken care of in the proper order: treating the allergies when they need to be treated and taking care of the anatomic issues when these are the cause of the problem. Interestingly, studies show that 60 percent of people who have anatomic issues inside their nose also have allergies that are a part of the problem. Being able to treat both issues has considerably improved our patients’ satisfaction.

For many years, like all other allergists in Colorado, we treated our patients with allergy shots. While shots can be very successful, they require weekly office visits over several years. Many of our patients, despite good intentions, were not able to complete this rigorous program.

Looking for a better option, Dr. Menachof spent time with an allergist in Wisconsin who was doing something no one in Colorado was doing at that time: allergy drops. Drops were similar to shots, in that the formula was patient specific and determined by an allergy test, but administered by the patient at home by putting 3 drops under their tongue every day. Not only were there multiple studies showing that drops worked (several of which were done at National Jewish Hospital in Denver), most importantly, almost 90 percent of people starting a four-year drops program would actually complete the program, giving most people long-lasting protection from their allergies. Dr. Menachof was the first to bring this treatment to Colorado, has been doing it successfully for over a decade for patients ages 3-80, and has seen almost 90 percent of his patients complete the program and achieve effective, long-lasting results.

While other doctors in Colorado are now offering allergy drops, no one has been doing it longer, or as successfully, as Dr. Menachof. The success rate for treating difficult sinus and allergy issues is extremely high when allergy drop therapy is combined with other treatments.