As part of our work at the Nu ENT & Face Institute, all of us at the Advanced ENT & Allergy Center are actively involved in supporting our community. We believe it is our responsibility to help those in need. This help takes on different roles through programs such as Children’s Hospital Colorado, Wounded Warrior, Adam’s Camp,the American Heart Association, Doctors Care, the Kendall and Taylor Atkinson Foundation, The National Guard, the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and the Colorado Neurological Institute.

In addition to supporting various community outreach projects, we have our One Day A Month Clinic. An entire day every month is set aside to provide our services to patients who can’t afford them. We’ve seen cancer, chronic infections, and significant hearing loss, most of which had gone untreated for years. We do not receive government subsidies for this, but we have been able to find some great organizations to help us with medicines, labs and places to do surgery. We strive to help improve the quality of life for these patients; in return they remind us why helping others and giving back to our community is so important.

We do it because it’s always been the right thing to do, and we are finally in a position to do it.   ~Dr. Menachof